We are The Kilfenora


In the span of a century, entire countries rise and fall, cultures evolve, fashions transform. Yet some have endured.
There are those who still prevail and even prosper.
One such icon, Ireland’s oldest Céilí Band, was born a century ago in the tiny village of Kilfenora.


John Lynch: Banjo, Mandolin & Leader

Fintan McMahon: Piano 

Sean Griffin: Drums

Anne Rynne & AnneMarie McCormack: Fiddles

Sinéad Heagney: Fiddle & Viola

Eimear Howley: Fiddle, Viola, Banjo & Mandolin

Anthony Quigney: Flute, Whistle & Piano

Garry Shannon: Flute & Whistle

Claire Griffin: Accordion

Tim Collins: Concertina

Brian O’Grady: Double Bass

Sharon Howley: Cello